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Tribunal and ACAS Representation

HR:4UK suggests that when it comes to the ‘legal stuff’, most of the time it is best left to the experts (that’s us) to take care of things.

Although you may have experience of managing staff issues, do you have the same confidence in dealing with ACAS or representing yourself at an employment tribunal? This can be traumatic and stressful, particularly if this the first time you have been subject to potential tribunal proceedings.

As a client of HR:4UK, you can rest assured that we will take full responsibility for taking over the case. We will act as your professional representative in liaising with ACAS and should the matter proceed to tribunal we act on your behalf.

Key features:

  • ACAS Early Conciliation representation
  • Representation at tribunals
  • Collation and preparation of crucial documentation
  • Drafting key case management documentation
  • Witness preparation

Support with ACAS

The government’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service isn’t a court. It is what the name suggests. One of its roles is to try to prevent issues ending up in an employment tribunal that could perhaps be resolved informally and amicably - and certainly less expensively.

However, ACAS can only work with the information it is given. If you and an employee have different views of a situation. It is important that you marshal all the evidence and present your ‘case’ appropriately.

Often your employee will have assistance from a lawyer or trade union official. You can be certain they will be putting forward the best argument possible. You need to do the same.

Good preparation and arguing your case properly at ACAS is important. We can help, this is not an unfamiliar environment for us. Our specialist team will support you through this stressful process.

Employment Tribunal Representation

If the dispute between you and an employee cannot be resolved through ACAS Early Conciliation and proceeds to an employment tribunal you face the possibility of compensation awards if you are unsuccessful. Compensation awards are typically made up of a basic and compensatory award. The basic award is dependent on varying criteria including age, length of service and weekly earnings. The compensation award is difficult to predict and in some cases can be uncapped.

Tribunal cases are frequently reported in the media, which may not be good for your business reputation.

As a client of HR:4UK ACAS Early Conciliation and Tribunal representation is provided free of charge.

For further information on tribunal and ACAS representation, call 01455 444 222.