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Payroll and Pension Services

Paying your staff correctly and handling related matters like pensions should be dealt with efficiently each and every time. Good payroll and pension management is essential for good people management. It can sometimes seem daunting to keep up with the constant changes in legislation, tax and pensions so let HR:4UK do it all for you.

Our highly-skilled payroll and pensions support team will assist you every step of the way and guide you through any process changes that your business requires.

Key featured:

  • At HR:4UK, we will handle all matters concerning workplace pensions such as employee communication and issue all necessary legal and pension documentation.
  • You won’t have to worry about payroll processing and administration – we will do that!
  • We will calculate and process pension contributions.
  • We will take care of all statutory notices.

The HR:4UK payroll service

Calculating pay and pension payments, tax deductions, student loan repayments and the myriad of other things you need to consider can be time-consuming and complicated. What’s more, getting these things wrong can have major consequences for you and your employees.

We can take this burden off you by dealing with all your payroll administration, including calculating and processing any pension contributions.

We can often manage a company payroll at a lower cost per employee than an in-house payroll department. By outsourcing your payroll you have no need for costly specialist staff. Instead you have cost-effective access to our knowledge when you need it.

We provide a payroll bureau service addressing all the payroll requirements, from weekly or monthly processing to year-end reporting and auto enrolment pension requirements.

You simply supply us with pay and employee data. We will process the payroll, adjusting for any changes within the period (new starters/leavers) and calculate workplace pension contributions. Then we send you the payslips and reports.

We also handle production of reports and information for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), saving you yet more administrative work.

It is a payroll service that really is as simple as it sounds!

The HR:4UK workplace pension service

Let us take the hard work out of those jobs that, let’s face it, you’d rather not be doing! Yes, we are talking workplace pensions.

We can do this:

  • Set up a NEST pension for you and register it with The Pensions Regulator and accept the position of delegated contact.
  • Provide all relevant literature and communications for your employees.
  • Review your current contracts of employment and update them to meet the new requirements.
  • Update your employee handbook
  • Give you real peace of mind with our guarantee against legal costs at employment tribunal.

We deliver all of this and more at an affordable cost.

For further information on how we can help your business with our payroll and pensions services, call 01455 444 222.