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Online Employee Management System

eConnect is our cloud-based employee management system which provides all key documentation for the management and employment of staff from one central hub. 

HR:4UK recognise that employing staff places a heavy administrative burden upon businesses which can be complex, time consuming and costly. eConnect can reduce this burden and is an ideal solution for businesses looking to transform their HR provision. Designed to streamline HR processes, eConnect will improve efficiency, reduce costs and help ensure legal compliance.

80% Reduction in HR Administration

eConnect has been proven to reduce HR administration by up to 80%. The system achieves this reduction by generating all key documentation covering the life cycle of an employee. Stored in a secure central location, data can be easily accessed for future auditing purposes and GDPR compliance. Should you ever be challenged, the online system provides an audit trail which can demonstrate that best practice has been followed.

To effectively manage staff absence, eConnect provides access to our cloud-based Absence Management System. Available online 24/7, this easy to use transparent system treats employeess fairly and allows employers to stay in full control of their business.

Key Benefits

  • Generates all key employment documentation for speed, efficiency and compliance.
  • Guarantees all employment documentation is legally compliant to avoid risk.
  • Securely stores key employee information to meet GDPR requirements.
  • Records employee documentation and communications for legal audit trail.
  • 24-hour HR and Employment advice service to fully support businesses.*
  • Absence Management effectively plans and manages staff absence.*

HR Industry Leaders

As industry leaders, HR:4UK introduced the very first online HR system to the UK, as well as the first cloud-based employment handbook. Our systems are unique within the industry as they automatically update HR documentation to ensure businesses are compliant with any legislative changes.

Meet Employment Law Changes From April 2020

From April 2020, employment law changes came into force stating that all employees and workers must receive written Contracts of Employment right from their first day of work. eConnect can help businesses meet this legal requirement. Contact us today to learn more.

Absence Management System

HR:4UK’s Absence Management System provides a simple solution for businesses to effectively plan and manage employee absence. Accessed via eConnect, the cloud-based system is entirely paperless, removing the need for charts, wall planners and holiday request books.

One of the outstanding features of our system is that it is a fully transparent shared resource. It allows you, and every member of your team, to see who's booked annual leave. This provides a much fairer system for both employees and managers. Employees can check absences on certain dates before submitting their request for time off. Managers can instantly see who is in or out of the office to monitor staff numbers and maintain cover.  

Designed to save time and improve efficiency, the cloud-based system can be accessed 24/7 from a phone, tablet or pc. Employees can request time off and check how much holiday they have owing while they’re on the move. Managers working remotely, can approve their own team members' absence and when necessary, delegate approval requests to other department heads. As all request and approval emails are automated the whole process is much simpler and faster, there are no spreadsheets to view or request forms to find and send. 

The Absence Management System is extremely useful for logging absences other than holiday entitlement, such as sick leave, maternity/paternity leave etc. This facility, restricted to administrators only, enables you to see who is off, when, how often and why.

To review absence data in more detail, full absence reports can be exported to Excel, allowing you to establish common reasons for absence, the average amount of time people are away from work and which employees are most frequently absent.

Warmly welcomed by businesses of all sizes, both employers and employees find it an extremely easy and convenient online tool. The system makes it easier for employees to manage their own holiday entitlement by showing all holiday taken and holiday outstanding. By centralising all absence data in one place, employers can simply and effectively manage, approve and review absence, helping you to stay in control of your business. 

5 Star Customer Testimonials

Jane Nunn | HR Manager | Lysander Place Holdings Group Ltd 

"With a total of 150 employees across 3 sister companies each specialising in the areas of building, roofing and scaffolding, Lysander have been a client of HR:4UK for 20 years. 

Having the support from HR:4UK is invaluable. Having access to unlimited advice is reassuring, as they talk you through every step to make sure you are doing the right thing legally. Without HR:4UK, I would never be able to do this job properly, which could leave our company exposed and at risk.

Using HR:4UK’s on-line employee management system, e-Connect, I can store all important employee information and issue the staff contracts using templates prepared by HR:4UK. Employees can then easily access their mobile and tablet friendly electronic staff handbooks which contain their contracts and policies. All of which are automatically updated by HR:4UK whenever there are any changes in legislation, again making sure that our company is compliant. Whilst they perform this work for us behind the scenes, their newsletters also keep me up to date with all the current changes."

"By using HR:4UK’s service, the company is able to keep our overheads lower, instead of having to employ a fully qualified HR professional, which at the level required for a business of this size, would be in excess of £35,000."

"I would 100% unreservedly recommend HR:4UK for their invaluable HR and employment support.”

Rajinder Gohlar | Postmaster | Spring Corner Post Office

“As an owner of a busy Post Office and employer, I needed to furlough staff and provide employment contracts using HR:4UK’s eConnect system. But firstly, I needed to be taught how to use this online employee management system. Tracey from HR:4UK stepped in to provide me with training and I was very impressed by her patience and professionalism. Not being very technical, I was grateful for the time she spent making sure that I understood where to get the information from and how to access the forms and contracts so that I could produce these correctly.”


“I’ve been with HR:4UK for over a year and have been recommending their PostmasterHR services to other Postmasters. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for HR”

For further information contact HR:4UK on 01455 444 222 or


*This service varies dependant upon service level.