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Online Employee Management System

Our online Employee Management System is the central hub that brings together all key administrative tasks associated with the management and employment of staff.

HR:4UK recognises that employers are faced with a heavy administrative burden which can be time consuming, costly, repetitive and complex, all these can distract you from other business priorities.

Key features:

  • All key employment documentation is systems generated
  • Provides a safe and secure location for key employee information
  • Creates an audit trail for employee documentation and communications
  • Generates alerts and reminders
  • Guarantees that all employment documentation is legally compliant
  • Supports web based pension middleware

Our online system provides you with peace of mind and you can be reassured that you are fulfilling all of your legal requirements and should you be challenged you have an audit trail to demonstrate that best practice has been followed.

An additional benefit in using our online Employee Management System is that it has been proven to reduce HR administration by up to 80%, giving you the freedom to focus your efforts on more important areas of your business.

For further information on how we can help your business with our online employee management system, call 01455 444 222.