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HR:4UK's Relief Scheme

Are you a hardworking SubPostmaster who needs a break but hasn't got any cover?

Don't worry as HR:4UK’s Relief Schemes can help.

Our Relief Schemes cover the whole of the UK and are regularly relied upon by SubPostmasters to take a much needed holiday or even to cover sickness absence, generally for 1-2 weeks at time.

Every Relief Scheme Member is Thoroughly Vetted

HR:4UK have held Relief Schemes on behalf of the NFSP for over 15 years. All members of our Relief Schemes are previous SubPostmasters who are thoroughly vetted with credit and document checks.

How Much Does Relief Cover Cost?

Each Relief Scheme member is responsible for their own charges however we do ask them to provide day rates including travel so as a Subpostmaster you know the total outlay before you make your decision.

How Much Does it Cost to Use HR:4UK's Relief Schemes?

HR:4UK offer 2 Relief Schemes, a Free Register and a Chargeable Register.

Please see the details of each Scheme below to help you decide between the two.


Chargeable Register

  • SubPostmasters provide details of the office duties they require covering, the date range they require and the postcode area they are based in, which we then use to find a Relief Scheme member to match their vacancy.
  • SubPostmasters pay to use this matching service which also provides them with additional safeguarding measures.


Free Register

  • This is for SubPostmasters who do not use our Chargeable Register as above.
  • Relief Scheme members contact details and telephone numbers will be passed directly to SubPostmasters seeking relief cover. 


HR:4UK receive a large number of enquiries for relief bookings, especially during the summer months. So that we can help support Subpostmasters, we are always looking to expand our Relief Scheme members, so do please contact us if you wish to sign up for our Scheme or pass on our details to anyone wishing to start relief work.

If you have any questions at all about any of our Relief Schemes do please get in touch and we will be very happy to help you.


Contact HR:4UK

HR:4UK are here to help offer you advice and guidance on any aspect of our Relief Schemes and can be reached on the contact details below.

T: 01455 444 222  |   E: