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HR Outsourcing

Running a business can bring many challenges and demands on an employer. Among these are HR issues which can be time consuming and a drain on resources. Our HR outsourcing service will act as your virtual HR department, managing all the jobs you’d rather not be doing. We will deal with difficult issues such as handling disciplinary and appeal hearings to responding to grievances. We can take care of the everyday matters that can also take up your time, such as issuing contracts, preparing employment documentation and calculating holiday entitlements.

Key features:

  • A comprehensive range of specialist HR, employment, pension and payroll services tailored to your requirements.
  • Removes the requirement for internal HR administration
  • Select any level of support from partial to fully outsourced to meet your specific business needs.
  • The only HR resource you will ever need to manage all of your HR issues.

HR outsourcing

Businesses are increasingly outsourcing ‘non core’ functions so that management can concentrate on building the core competencies of the organisation.

Catering, cleaning, security, delivery services – all of these were things that companies at one time used to do for themselves but which are now far more commonly outsourced.

Organisations that have outsourced their HR functions to us have found that not only have they made significant cost savings but they have also benefited from a tailor-made HR solution. This has enabled them to respond rapidly to changes in the working environment and focus all of their efforts into growing their business.

Even quite large businesses are rarely self-sufficient in HR management. The range of skills and expertise required to deal with increasingly complex employment law and personnel management issues are not usually found in a single HR professional or a small HR team. External support from an organisation such as HR:4UK is usually needed to deal with difficult or specialist issues.

For further information on how our HR outsourcing service can help your business, call 01455 444 222.