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Employee Benefits & Incentives

Looking after your employees in today’s job market is vital if staff loyalty is important to your business. We should know, it’s through our own staff loyalty that we can offer you a consistently good service!

Well-planned employee benefit and incentive schemes can make a real difference. So why not reward your hard-working team?

Research shows that non-cash employee incentives are more effective at motivating staff than cash bonuses which simply get absorbed into the salary and can even become taken for granted. Your staff will appreciate that you have gone out of your way to recognise their loyalty and contribution.

You and your team can take advantage of a range of benefits that come with the HR:4UK employment handbook.

HR:4UK's new and exclusive Reward Card 

HR:4UK’s new and exclusive employee reward card: A gift card which goes beyond all gift card expectations. Included are 60 digital vouchers which can be used in a variety of major high street and online retailers, including Amazon, your favourite coffee shop and clothing store, and so much more. But this card isn’t restricted to just retailers; It can be transferred to a pre-paid MasterCard which can be used internationally (a MasterCard which can be physical or digital). What happens if an employee loses or misplaces their unique code? We will replace it! If you need any more convincing, there are also holiday vouchers worth up to £1000 for just £300. Oh, and forget a twelve month expiry, this card offers a two year expiry.

HR:4UK has set up a tax efficient means by which you can reward and incentivise your staff. We undertake all the administration for you including submitting Inland Revenue declarations on your behalf.

Tax Paid Gift cards can be used for employee long-service awards, as Christmas or birthday presents, as a ‘thank you’ for carrying out extra work or as rewards for achievement under structured bonus/incentive schemes.

For further information on our employee benefit scheme, call 01455 444 222 or fill in the form below to receive a free quote.


Terms of Business
These terms of business apply to our HR:4UK Tax Paid Gift Cards Limited (HR:4UK) is a limited company with company registration number 1804171 which operates from our registered offices in Hinckley, Florence House, St Mary’s Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1EQ.

HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Gift Cards are provided to you under our HMRC Tax Award Scheme with contract number 31344.

Cards are ordered through Fizz Rewards in accordance with their terms and conditions and can be physical or digital.

To validate a quotation, details of the quote will be emailed to you. 

Upon receipt of your written acceptance of the quote, HR:4UK will raise an invoice which is payable immediately by either Direct Debt; BACS transfer, credit or debit card.

Once payment has been made, HR:4UK shall place your order for your cards with HR:4UK's Exclusive Reward Card.

Immediately upon receipt of the cards, HR:4UK will despatch the cards to you by Royal Mail First Class recorded delivery if physical cards have been ordered.

Upon receiving delivery of HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Gift Cards, you are required to acknowledge their safe receipt, thereafter the cards will be activated for your employees to enjoy!

The law governing any dispute arising from these Terms of Business shall be the law of England and shall be determined by English Courts.

To log into HR:4UK's Reward Card please click here. Please note, Amazon is included in the list of participating retailers for HR:4UK's Reward Card.

Please note that there is no tax or NI on cards up to £50.00 per person. Any card over £50.00 will be subject to tax and NI, with the only exception being if the employee is under the threshold for paying tax or NI.