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Employee Benefits & Incentives

Looking after your employees in today’s job market is vital if staff loyalty is important to your business. We should know, it’s through our own staff loyalty that we can offer you a consistently good service!

Well-planned employee benefit and incentive schemes can make a real difference. So why not reward your hard-working team?

Research shows that non-cash employee incentives are more effective at motivating staff than cash bonuses which simply get absorbed into the salary and can even become taken for granted. Your staff will appreciate that you have gone out of your way to recognise their loyalty and contribution.

You and your team can take advantage of a range of benefits that come with the HR:4UK employment handbook.

Tax-paid gift cards from HR:4UK allow your staff to choose the gift they want from one of thousands of retail outlets or to pay for all or part of a holiday. It’s all fully covered by tax regulations and there are no forms to complete for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

HR:4UK has set up a tax efficient means by which you can reward and incentivise your staff. We undertake all the administration for you including submitting Inland Revenue declarations on your behalf.

The cards are accepted at thousands of UK retail outlets including Argos, M & S, Iceland, River Island, Halfords, Matalan, Homebase, Boots, Debenhams and many more.

Tax Paid Gift cards can be used for employee long-service awards, as Christmas or birthday presents, as a ‘thank you’ for carrying out extra work or as rewards for achievement under structured bonus/incentive schemes.

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For further information on our employee benefit schemes, call 01455 444 222.