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eConnect's Latest New Feature

Designed to instantly make light work of your HR admin tasks, our newly launched Document Library and Editor enables users to produce all their HR letters and documents within eConnect, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

How Does Document Library and Editor Work?

Ensuring our clients remain GDPR compliant, with the new Document Library and Editor users no longer need to download and upload documents as they are all in one easy to access place!

Clients will be able to choose from over 150 legally compliant templates in our Document Library. Assisting clients with their day-to-day HR and employment issues, these templates cover a wide range of areas from pre-employment offer letters, inviting employees to formal meetings to letters acknowledging an employee's written resignation letter.

All of the templates can be viewed prior to creating them so the client can see the contents of the template before deciding if it is suitable for requirements.

We Can Create Bespoke Templates for your Business

To meet your ever growing needs our library of templates is constantly being updated to reflect the latest government legislation and to give you a wider choice. If you can't find what you need, we can produce bespoke documents for your business. These will only be visible to you from the template documents listed under the Company area.

If you feel that your business needs bespoke documents, please do contact us today so we can update your eConnect area. 

How Will Document Library & Editor Save Me Time? 

It is easy to search for a required document from the list of templates which are all grouped and can be filtered to show the different categories. Once you have selected the template needed, a viewing pane will show you the document being created and updating in real-time. As you work through the document being created, a prompt system ensures this contains all the information required for each section.

One of the ouststanding time-saving features of Document Editor is that it now automatically populates template documents with the employee details, such as name, address, start date, job title etc., all drawn directly from their eConnect record. 

Clients can now edit documents to suit their needs and fit their corporate style, such as amending formatting e.g. font type, bold, italic or underline and check for spelling or grammatical errors.

With the Document Editor's new draft facility, you don't need to worry if you are running out of time or get called away on another job, simply save your document to drafts and return to complete this at a later date.


Protecting Your Business From Risk

HR:4UK are always there to protect your business from risk and avoid potential employment tribunals. So, if you have documents that need approval from HR:4UK before sending out to employees, such as Dismissal, Dismissal on Grounds of Ill Health or Gross Misconduct, these will be emailed automatically to our team of Advisors here at HR:4UK. Once HR:4UK have approved these documents, clients will receive a notification email and the document status within eConnect will change from "Waiting Approval" to "Approved".

Once the completed document has been "Finalised / Printed" it will be automatically added to the employee record under the history tab, saving your valuable time and ensuring your records are correctly updated.

Coming Soon

Another time saving feature coming soon is the ability to attach other documents to a template. For instance, you will be able to send a revised job description with a letter confirming a promotion and a salary increase. At the touch of a button all the required HR documents will be attached and sent out to the employee. 


Use Document Library and Editor For Accuracy & Speed

By combining together all these new time saving features, Document Library & Editor gives you reassurance that the HR documents have been accurately produced and are legally compliant, with the added seal of approval from HR:4UK if needed!


Document Library and Editor User Guide

To help our users immediately benefit from the Document Library and Editor we have produced a User Guide which can be accessed through the online help feature within your client dashboard.

Training & Support

Anticipating a surge in interest to use our new Document Library and Editor, we can offer you training and support, so do please get in touch and we will happily show you around. 


"The new document library and editor has been a great addition. It is much easier to see what documents are available and having the sub-sections allows quicker filtering of what is needed.  It means I can find what I need much faster."

Jan Rydon | Partner Electronics Limited


"Self intuitive and has helped me construct my letters quickly and efficiently." 

Kim Puttock | Branch Manager | RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch


Your Feedback Is Important To Us

Your feedback is very important to us and plays a huge part in developing our support systems to meet your growing needs and to make your job easier.

Request a Demo Today

If you would like to receive a demonstration of our eConnect system to learn how it can reduce your HR admin by 80% please contact us today.

Contact HR:4UK

HR:4UK are always here to help offer you advice and guidance with eConnect or any HR issues you may have and can be reached on the contact details below.

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