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Employee Handbooks 

Your employee handbook should outline everything your workforce needs to know about the main terms of working for your company. A minimum statutory requirement can be supplemented by including additional terms, policies and procedures for staff to your employee handbooks. Here at HR:4UK, we understand that these requirements are sometimes difficult to meet, particularly when legislation frequently changes.

We have developed cloud-based employee handbooks to ensure your employment documentation is always up to date. One of the fundamental obligations imposed on employers is the requirement to issue a written statement of main terms to all of their employees. This minimum statutory requirement, however, can be enhanced by incorporating additional terms, policies and procedures which clearly define the legal framework and authority for managing staff.

At HR:4UK, we understand the frustration and obstacles of meeting these requirements, particularly as legislation is frequently changing. Having recognised these needs, HR:4UK have developed our cloud-based contracts of employment and staff handbooks, which will ensure that your employment documentation is always up to date.

Online Employee Handbooks

There are many advantages of using our cloud-based online employee handbooks. One of which is that they remove the administrative burden of manually producing employee handbooks. Depending on your business needs, different online employee handbook options are available providing individual levels of company policies.

Our key features include:

  • Ensure that legal compliance is maintained
  • Accessible from web-enabled smartphone and tablet devices
  • Paperless and eco-friendly
  • Available and accessible to everyone

For further information on how our cloud-based online employee handbooks can help your business contact us.