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Are you looking for a business partner who can provide you with a comprehensive range of HR and employment support to ensure that you comply with employment law legislation?  HR:4UK can provide you with service tailor-made to your specific needs to help you manage all aspects of managing your staff.

Our Employment and HR advice will provide you with the foundations you need to effectively manage your staff with the least amount of stress and hassle free.  HR:4UK will provide you with clear and practical HR advice.

HR:4UK recognises that employers are having to find the time and resources to draft polices to incorporate into their staff handbook and issue contracts of employment to their staff.  In the early nineties, HR:4UK response to this was to develop an efficient platform using the cloud to develop and introduce the first cloud based handbooks and contracts. HR:4UK will provide you with affordable HR and employment law support.

At HR:4UK we also recognise that employers don’t always have the know-how in responding to staff disputes. Our online employee management system will guide you through the process including template documentation for you to use which will ensure that you are legally compliant which will save you hours of time on administration.  Our reminder service will also give you peace of mind to ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines or dates .

Staff disputes are never pleasant and at HR:4UK we will always support you throughout any staff dispute you may have and attempt to resolve the issues. However, in some cases, even though you have taken and followed advice, it is simply not possible to resolve the dispute and it may end up with ACAS Early Conciliation or even end up at an Employment Tribunal. HR:4UK’s team of specialist advisors who have the experience and expertise to take the burden from you in an attempt to resolve the issue by our Tribunal and ACAS Representation service.

Many of our clients often require a friendly HR consultant to support them in a tactical and strategic role.  Some of our clients require hands on support in chairing and managing meetings with staff such as disciplinary meetings, business restructures which may result in a redundancy situation or even staff training.  Our HR Consultancy may be just the solution you are looking for as we will provide you with our expert advice.

Some of our clients would prefer to have an expert manage all their HR and employment matters on their behalf on a fully outsourced basis.  For these clients, we have developed our HR Outsourcing service which provides an affordable solution to organisations like yours to ensure that all challenges and demands of running a business are met.

Outsourcing your payroll and pension service to HR:4UK can save you time and money. HR:4UK provide a full payroll bureau service which will give you peace of mind knowing that by using our Payroll and Pension Service you do not need to worry about processing the payroll and administering pension contributions.

Being seen as a great place to work is key to the success of any business and this can be which can be achieved by simple incentivising and motivating your staff.  HR:4UK’s Employee benefits and Incentives can provide you with the tools you need to implement cost effective employee benefits and incentives so that you can be seen as a company who truly value their staff.

We continually review the range of services available to offer to our clients our comprehensive range of HR and related services, which have been designed to be affordable, reduce the burden of administration and to provide peace of mind when managing staff issues.

We are confident that we are able to meet all you HR needs and would welcome the opportunity to be able to talk to you to discuss how our services can benefit your business by calling 01455 444222.