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PostmasterHR is a bespoke HR service endorsed by and heavily subsidised by the National Federation of Sub-postmasters (NFSP).  HR:4UK have been providing this service to Federation members for over two decades.

As a Postmaster you already have unlimited access to our team of friendly and approachable HR and Employment specialists who are on hand to assist you with any staffing issue.

When you take on the PostmasterHR service, you have full use of our cloud based Employee Management System which will both significantly reduce your administrative burden surrounding the management of staff, and also ensure full compliance with both your statutory and Post Office requirements.

The service includes:

  • Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbook containing Key HR policies in a readily accessible online format
  • Automatic legislative updates (ensuring that your HR documentation is always up to date)
  • Bespoke ‘Post Office’ and Retail Clauses within your contracts
  • Free representation at ACAS Early Conciliation and/or employment tribunals

The employment contracts provided within PostmasterHR are designed to meet the specific needs of both a Post Office and a Retail outlet.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping SubPostmasters in these complicated areas of their business.

Employees can view their employee handbook and access their individual contract of employment from their phone or tablet as well as a laptop/PC.  As an employer you may never need to print-off a hard-copy again!

If you would like information on the enhanced NFSP services which are available to you, please contact HR:4UK via the Federation advice line 01273 452324.