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    Your HR & Employment resources as a NFSP member

In partnership with the National Federation of Subpostmasters for many years, we have helped many Post Offices deal with employment issues through our advice line and HR:4UK know the time and hard work that goes into running a Post Office.   

As a member you receive free unlimited telephone advice and a free basic handbook and contract. 

However our services do not end there, we can also offer you membership of the PostmasterHR Contract Scheme to further aid the smooth running of your office.

This service includes:

  1. Tailored Post Office contracts and handbooks, our contracts include as standard compliance clauses and liable for losses clauses.
  2. Advice line support.
  3. Template Letters.
  4. Guidance notes.
  5. More hands on support from consultants.
  6. Access to a guarantee of up to £20,000 should you be taken to an employment tribunal.
  7. Recruitment Service – offer letters, reference and credit checks, acceptance letters, and the issuing of contracts etc.
  8. E-connect online management portal

The contracts that are provided through the PostmasterHR Employment Handbook Scheme are designed to work alongside the advice provided by our team of Employment Law Consultants based at HR:4UK again providing an extra layer of protection against employment tribunal claims. 

PostmasterHR Employment Handbook Scheme is also a long term solution for your business as it incorporates the Workplace Pension documentation.

The service is heavily subsidised by the National Federation of Subpostmasters making it very cost effective solution


For more information please call via 01273 452324 and ask to speak to the PostmasterHR team or complete the attached form