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Hello and welcome to HR:4UK’s first newsletter!  



It is a very exciting time for HR:4UK as we embrace a major transformation of our business. It is fair to say that in general people don’t really like change and sometimes this is for good reason, but not in our case!  Because we are so passionate about what we do, the changes taking place at HR:4UK have focused on continuing to meet the needs of our clients in providing high quality and affordable HR services.
To help me achieve the strategic developments, earlier in the year we appointed two new senior managers, who have been instrumental to the changes already made.  Joe Janda as Head of Operations, is responsible for the delivery of our high quality HR Advice services, developing our online employee management system and online and social media strategy in addition to managing our supplier and procurement relationships.  Paul Martin as Head of Business development is focused on expanding our client base, identifying new business opportunities for our new product range and growing the business reaching out to SME’s like you.
In the summer, we embarked on an exciting journey with the rebrand and development of our website which, even if I say so myself, is impressive.  I am so proud of what we have achieved. We are passionate about providing you with a comprehensive range of employment and HR support so that you can have peace of mind, leaving you to focus on growing and developing your own business, leaving HR matters to us.

We are always looking at ways in which we can, not only improve our services, but also improve user experience (not just yours, but that of your employees too), so watch this space!   Briefly however, in this month’s newsletter, we talk about our tax paid gift cards for Christmas and also the introduction of Perkbox.  Soon we will be launching our new three tier online handbook. We are reviewing our online employee management system and anticipate to unveil a brand new portal in the spring of 2017.  These are only a few of the developments on the horizon!

This newsletter is not about us, it is all about what we can do for you!  HR is not only about managing staff issues when they arise, it is about the whole employee life cycle and the journey that employer and employee take together.  One should never underestimate the importance of staff – they are one of your biggest assets, and you need to ensure that you look after them!  That is why HR:4UK is your business partner because we understand that you truly value your staff.  

Over the coming months, I hope you will find our newsletters, informative, interesting and engaging; from changes in legislation; key employment matters right down to fun stuff such as knowing what the nation’s favourite workplace biscuit is or who in your workforce is likely to make you a cup of tea!   

We are always happy to listen to you and would welcome any suggestions you may have regarding future content, please do let us know.

Kind regards