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HR:4UK Launch new range of Employee Handbooks

Employers have a duty to give each employee a written statement of their main terms and conditions of employment.  These can be in a single written statement of terms, a letter of engagement or a written employment contract.
Employers can choose whether to put certain information about disciplinary rules and grievance procedures, sick leave and pay, and pensions in the written statement of terms itself, in a supplementary statement, in a staff handbook or other “reasonably accessible document”.  If the employees’ written statement does not contain this information, then they must include it in a staff handbook or other reasonable accessible document.

There are very few legal requirements on employers in the UK to have written policies.  For the most part, policies set out in staff handbooks are there as a matter of good practice, to set out standards expected of employees, to assist the smooth running of businesses, and to reduce legal risk by making sure employees and managers understand the legal rights and responsibilities inherent in the employment relationship.

There are some areas where a written policy is not compulsory but can bring significant legal protections for the employer, beyond merely setting out standards of behaviour or employees’ entitlements.  

At HR:4UK we understand employers need for an affordable HR and employment solution.  It is for this reason we have developed our three tier online employee handbook, giving you the choice on the extent of policies you have in your employee handbook.

Our Basic Handbook satisfies the bare basic legal requirement, but why stop there when you can have our Intermediate Handbook which will not only protect yourself by having additional policies, such as Health & Safety; Equal Opportunities; Whilstleblowing; Anti-harassment and bullying; Anti-corruption and bribery but also provide your employees with a clear understanding of what you expect from them in terms of their workplace behaviours in a framework that it is easy to access and use.  Having these additional policies, whilst not an employment law requirement, there is a strong legal argument that having these policies will satisfy other legal obligations or may even provide a defence to criminal or civil liability where things go wrong.  Our Full Handbook provides you with a full range of comprehensive policies covering policies such as social media; substance misuse and stress at work, but to name a few.

All of our handbooks can be customised to incorporate your own company branding so that all your company documentation reflects your company branding, style and identity ensuring that it has the look and feel of your business.

Your handbook can also be linked to your website for easy access. It has been designed to be readily accessible from a variety of sources including PC’s, tablets and smartphones and is therefore available to your staff at any time of day or night.

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