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HR:4UK Webinar - How is the Omicron variant going to affect your business? 

On December 9th, Angela Clay, HR:4UK’s Managing Director, hosted an interactive webinar discussing all things Omicron. Register below and you will receive exclusive access with crucial support to help navigate your business through the unknown.


Discover and learn:

✔️How to prepare – How are employers best to prepare for the unknown?

✔️Spending time with family – Should employers revisit their COVID-19 policy to reduce social contact?

✔️Christmas parties – Are we best to put these on pause until the New Year?

✔️A possible lockdown – In the absence of the Furlough Scheme, what can employers do without Government support?


Boris Johnson announced on November 27th that new temporary and precautionary measures were to be implemented, following the emergence of the Omicron variant. Whilst news on the Omicron variant is unfolding more and more each day, what we do know, is that Professor Neil Ferguson has revealed that the Omicron variant appears to be doubling every two to three days and scientist have warned that it is likely to become the dominant variant of COVID-19 within the UK, ‘in a matter of weeks’. For comparison, when cases of Delta have increased recently, the doubling was two to three weeks.

Before the first lockdown, Angela Clay was ahead of the curve and with immediate effect, implemented a method of working from home for her team before it became mandatory. Angela’s knowledge and experience provided critical support during those turbulent and concerning times for businesses by being one of the first to offer HR advice to organisiations during the pandemic. Here, we are once again facing times of uncertainty with the new COVID-19 Omicron variant.

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