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News - August 2022

Managing holidays during the summer of chaos

Whilst summer for most people means sun, sea, sand, and relaxation, for employers it can be challenging – if you’re unsure how to manage the complications of summer as a business owner, read our article to learn more. Read more

Is it too hot to work? How to manage heat in the workplace

As the temperatures are set to rise this summer, what can you do as employers to keep your employees cool in the heat and what does the law say on employees’ rights in the hot weather? Read our article to learn more. Read more

7 Ways To Support Your Staff as Price Rises Cause Concern

New data shows that 60% of workers think their employers should help them with the cost-of-living crisis. As inflation will soon pass 8% due to the pandemic, rise in NIC, high energy prices and unrest in eastern Europe this is leading to unengaged and unhappy employees as the future seems so uncertain. How can you help your employees through these turbulent times, read our article for guidance. Read more