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News - May 2022

How to manage Health and Safety for employees working from home

Did you know Health and Safety risk assessments need to be conducted even if your employees work from home? As 25% of the working population continue to work from home let’s make sure they are safe and protected! Read our blog to understand how to manage this effectively. Read more

Are all employees entitled to the Jubilee Bank Holiday? Find out now!

After the announcement of the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 70th anniversary as Monarch, employees are left confused about whether they are entitled to the 4-day weekend. Let HR:4UK bring clarity to this, read our blog to understand this unusual holiday situation. Read more

Menopause and HRT: What you need to know.

As the UK is hit with a shortage of HRT, women are struggling! Many companies do not have the appropriate policies in place to combat what this means for the workplace. HR:4UK are offering a reduced rate on our Menopause policy to help during these challenging times. Read more

Managing the workplace: Living with COVID

The government have recently announced their plan for 'Living with Covid' but how will this be managed within the workplace? Our recent blog will give you all the information you need during this confusing time. Read more