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News - July 2020

Changes to the Furlough Scheme - New Deadlines & Increased Employer Contributions

The current Furlough Scheme meets 80% of wage costs, but from August the government contributions will decrease each month and employer contributions will be increased to meet the 80% wage costs, before the Scheme finally closes at the end of October. The current Furlough Scheme will close to all new entrants from 30 June 2020. Employers who want to register new entrants to the old Furlough Scheme will need to do so by 10 June 2020. Open from 1 July 2020, the New Flexible Furlough Scheme gives employers greater flexibility to bring staff back on a part-time basis but still get government support. So, if you can only bring employees back for 2 days per week, the Scheme will reimburse you for the 3 days where no work is available. Only those employees who have been registered under the current Furlough Scheme can be transferred over to this new Flexible Furlough Scheme. Read more