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News - March 2020

Annual Leave and Holiday Pay for Furlough Leave

For all employers trying to understand how the government's furlough rules apply to your workforce including their annual leave and holiday pay, then read our latest article below. Questions covered include can a worker be on furlough leave and holiday leave at the same time? Can employers ask employees to take holiday leave during furlough? Read more

Quick Guide to the Latest Coronavirus Rules for Furlough, Sick Pay & Holiday Leave

As an employer, getting to grips with the latest information on sick pay and sick leave is another concern at this hugely challenging time. The advice around Statutory Sick Pay is a minefield, but sound professional HR advice can help you pick your way through it, leaving you free to concentrate, where feasible, on keeping your business running and your staff in employment. Read more

An Employer’s Guide to Homeworking

As coronavirus cases in the UK continue to rise, asking employees to work from home is one obvious measure you can take to try and protect your workplace and your employees. Homeworking, if the nature of your operation allows, will enable you to stay open for business while doing your bit to contain the spread of Covid-19. But, in practical terms, what will working from home mean for you and your employees? Is it sustainable, secure and cost-effective and how do you go about implementing it? Read more

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

  International Women’s Day celebrates the success and achievement of women in the workplace, and while the latest findings on gender diversity are indeed encouraging, there is still some way to go. Recent research suggests that... Read more