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News - November 2019

You’re fired! Why real-life dismissals are nothing like those on The Apprentice

  In the long-running TV reality show The Apprentice, dismissing people looks quite straightforward. Lord Sugar simply points a finger at the hapless candidate, utters “You’re Fired,” and that’s it, job done. Exit... Read more

Using up 2019 holiday entitlement before the end of the year

  As 2019 draws to a close, staff whose statutory leave year runs from January 1 to December 31 have very little time left to take any unused holiday entitlement. If your employees don’t take their remaining days before the end of... Read more

Celebrating Christmas in a diverse workplace

  How do you celebrate Christmas at work when your employees are from diverse backgrounds? Well, the key to making this time of year enjoyable for everyone – and to avoiding any discrimination issues – is to make sure that... Read more

The Importance of a Payroll System in Your Business

  We all have those days when the office becomes unexpectedly busy. The last thing anyone needs is a tedious exercise that holds up your progress. Typically, that will end up being the day you will have to complete a load of boring... Read more