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Returning to the office? Here’s 6 steps that you need to consider as the country starts to reopen!

Over a year ago, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to develop, we were all in a situation where both employers and employees were all transitioning from working in the office to working from home. The Government recently announced that... Read more

LGBTQ+ Expressions, Tips for Employers and Words You'll Encounter in the Workplace

Do you think twice before going to a public toilet? Do you go into the Men’s or Women’s? This can be a simple answer for most people. For certain people of the LGBTQ+ community however, this can be a complicated question. For example, a... Read more

Diabetes Awareness Week: How Businesses Can Support a Diabetic Member of Staff

It’s National Diabetes Awareness Week in the United Kingdom. Diabetes, which is one of the UK’s most common diseases and illnesses, can have an impact on business if not properly managed. Around 10% of all cases of Diabetes in the UK... Read more

How to manage pregnancy and maternity in the workplace

With our Operations Manager, Katie expecting the arrival of twins later this year, we are going to be sharing her journey, along with the key milestones with you so that you will become accustomed to your responsibilities, laws and duties of care you must undertake when an employee informs you that they are pregnant. Let us look at some common questions you will need to take into consideration. Read more