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Our Team is Expanding!

Here at HR:4UK, we have been busy expanding our team and are delighted to be able to share this news as part of our next phase of growth! We are excited to announce that the experience and expertise that our new recruits will bring to the organisation will help us to add greater value to the services we offer to SMEs.


Payroll Manager

As part of our strategic growth of the company, our payroll department has continued to grow as we support more and more SMEs with their payroll as a combined service with HR.  Kat Williams has recently joined us as a Payroll Manager. She has joined the management team to lead our payroll bureau through our expansion and will be instrumental in training future candidates as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme, and will assist them with undertaking their CIPP training.

Kat will bring with her several years’ of payroll and pensions experience to the team, enhancing HR:4UK’s payroll department’s expertise by using the new skills Kat has learnt whilst continuing with her own professional personal development, and had this to say:

“I am very much looking forward to this varied role with daily new challenges and opportunities, gaining new knowledge and experience and getting certified for the roles I will be undertaking.

I am super excited about having joined this fantastic team and cannot wait to get properly stuck in help the business thrive from ‘my’ little area I will be responsible for and more opportunities to come”


Marketing Manager

Whilst looking to grow the marketing team with a new marketing manager to join the business, our very own Marketing Executive, Sanjay Dattani, stepped up to the task and we are delighted to announce that we have promoted from within! Sanjay, who joined HR:4UK back in March 2021, came on board to take on marketing activities such as managing social media and client communications.

After being integrated into the team, he is now joining the management team to help steer the marketing strategies and growth of the business in an upward trajectory. With several years’ of experience working across multiple businesses over the last 5 years, he brings his knowledge of digital marketing to the table, and will play a key part in training future marketing executives in the various areas of marketing as a whole, to help and assist with the new ideas to take HR:4UK to new heights! On becoming the new marketing manager, Sanjay spoke of his time here at HR:4UK:

“Since joining HR:4UK, I’ve been so welcomed and had to take on a very active role to keep up with the busy pace of HR and all of the incredible things we are working on.

Being promoted to the marketing manager role is an amazing feeling, and I’m grateful for the trust and faith the management team have placed in me to take this next step forward in my career, and I can’t wait to deliver new things and help take the business to that next level!”


PA and Office Manager

With our Office Manager, Katie Price, set to go on maternity leave, the business needed a strong and steady replacement to help keep moving, so we are pleased to welcome Susan Riley, who will be taking over from Katie whilst she is takes on motherhood. The Office Manager role is a very diverse one, and covers many different aspects of a busy working office, supporting the office team and Directors, as well as assisting with any challenges that arise. Coming from a career in hospitality covering both HR and Office Management, this is an opportunity combining Susan’s passion for these two areas, and had this to say on her new role:

“Having been made to feel so welcome, I look forward to continuing to build a great rapport with the team, sharing their successes and developing knowledge and awareness as we grow together.

Moving forward, I will support the team as we expand, and help identity how we can make processes and procedures seamless and efficient, not only for ourselves but for our clients too!”


Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme launched by the government aims to provide 6-month work placements for 16-24 year olds with 100% government funding for a minimum of 25 hours per week.

Many businesses have chosen HR:4UK as their Kickstart Gateway to help manage their entire Kickstart application process. We pride ourselves in providing a training package that fully meets the Scheme’s training requirements, working to develop relevant job skills and experience for finding future employment. HR:4UK have also taken on our very own Kickstart in Phillipa Overton.

Phillipa, or Pippa as she likes to be called, joined the team in April as an office admin, and during this time has worked on developing her skills and experience and she has continued to make strides! Through HR:4UK’s eLearning platform, Pippa has completed several training courses, ranging from GDPR to first aid. When asked to describe her time with HR:4UK she said:

“I came to the team with very little experience in administration but with the help of my new colleagues I have been provided with all the necessary training and information to carry out my role effectively, allowing me to feel like a valued member of the team.

Since starting my role with HR4UK I have gained experience not only in administration, but also in arranging meetings, holding presentations, preparing work schedules and administering training courses to our clients.” 

As a Kickstart Employer, we are looking forward to helping other young people join HR:4UK as a Kickstart placement.


Junior Marketing Executive

With our marketing team actively working on promoting HR:4UK and the services we provide, we recently took on our very own intern Katie Roberts. She is a university student completing a Master’s degree in Marketing, and has come on board to learn different areas of digital marketing such as social media marketing, thus learning key skills and gaining the relevant experience for a bright future in the world of marketing. We are so pleased to announce that Katie will now be staying on after her degree to join the team as a Junior Marketing Executive!

Katie has become an integrated member of the team in a very short space of time, and we are excited to continue to watch her develop her skills and see where she can help take our marketing team to the next level! She had this to say about her time with HR:4UK so far:

“I am currently undertaking a Masters in Marketing and am lucky enough to be offered a role here at HR:4UK. This internship so far has allowed me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained during my Masters, whilst also learning a great deal from the team. My colleagues have been extremely welcoming, and I look forward to what’s to come with my new role!”


Finally, we are also expanding our HR advice team and we are looking forward to welcoming our new consultants. Our team is growing and we are striving for more, and we plan to bring more to our clients than ever before!