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Mental Health in the workplace, and the easing of lockdown restrictions: What can employers do?

A YouGov survey of UK employers and employees analysed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their mental health a year on from the first lockdown and reported that 57% of workers who were, or still are, furloughed on a part-time basis feel that their mental health is worse now than when restrictions were in place last spring.

With the past week representing National Mental Health in the workplace week, and with the country starting to ease out of lockdown, your staff may be experiencing mental health issues for several reasons, including those caused for reasons other than COVID-19, so how can you support your team to ensure that their mental health needs are supported over the next few months?

With a mixture of policies, letter templates and training available through HR:4UK, here are some practical steps towards handling the return to work after COVID-19 that we can support you with:

  • Introducing Mental Health at Work policy to ensure staff know what support is available, and how mental health in the workplace is managed, as well as providing emergency contacts for them, should they require support. 


  • Adopt a Mental Health First Aid scheme with trained members of staff who can identify the signs of ill-health and who can provide support and raise awareness. You may also consider putting your staff on the HR:4UK Mental Health training course which is available on our on-line training platform.


  • Ensure employees are not working excessive hours and have a healthy work-life balance. In addition, ensure you share the support that is available to your staff, such as employee assistance helplines, training, and counselling.


  • Promote the use of technology for both work and socialising within the office and encourage staff to maintain informal discussions while working remotely. Consider an office quiz, regular virtual meetups and other takes on traditional in-person events.


  • Ensure your managers and supervisors are approachable and sympathetic this can also be particularly important for junior members of staff, and could take the form of an informal discussion or a catch-up.


How can HR:4UK Help?

As we continue to work our way through the roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions, we continue to face uncertainty. HR:4UK are always here waiting to help you, doing everything we can to advise and support you, ensuring you avoid any risky and costly mistakes. Speak to us today on 01455 444222 or email