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HR:4UK’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Template is now available in your employee handbook.

With the COVID-19 vaccination rollout underway throughout the country, you will need to begin evaluating how the availability of vaccines may impact your workforce.

This raises several questions because, as an employer, you have a legal obligation under occupational Health and Safety legislation to provide your employees with a safe workplace and to take all reasonable precautions to protect employees from getting an illness, such as COVID-19.

However, with the information around vaccinations rapidly evolving, and with the associated media attention, it is sure to elicit questions from your employees such as how their workplace will continue to adapt its COVID-19 Safe plans as the pandemic progresses.

Following the latest Government guidance, for Intermediate and Full Handbook clients, your online employment handbook has been updated and now includes a new Vaccination policy. Our vaccination policy document has been designed to help you understand what your responsibilities towards your staff should be and to support your business as the vaccine rollout continues and we move through the reopening ‘road map’.

Should you be on the Intermediate and Full Handbook, but would like the policy removed from your online employment handbook, simply contact us and we can remove it for you.

This policy covers:

  • Whether you can make vaccination compulsory for your employees;

  • Factual Information about the vaccines;

  • Time off for vaccine appointments;

  • Making your workplace COVID secure;

  • Data privacy concerns; and

  • Other issues.

Please take time to read the new policy; should you have any questions or concerns please contact the team at HR:4UK today.

Please note that this policy is not accessible if you’re subscribed to the Basic handbook. If you would like access to the policy, and other benefits, you can upgrade to the Intermediate and Full Handbook by simply calling the HR:4UK team.

It’s important to note that whilst mandatory enforcement of a COVID-19 vaccination is currently unlawful, through this policy, you can encourage employees to have the vaccination by providing them with factual information and support, allowing them to make an informed decision.

However, it is essential that your employees do not feel pressured to have the vaccination and that you are respectful of an individual’s choice, whilst ensuring that confidentiality is maintained at all times.

To view this Vaccination policy and all other policies together with your contract, please visit enter your email address and password. If you have any difficulties accessing the handbook do please let us know.

As we continue to work our way through the roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions, we all continue to face uncertainty. HR:4UK will always here waiting to help you, doing everything we can to advise and support you, ensuring you avoid any risky and costly mistakes. Speak to us today on 01455 444222 or email