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Make Your Life Easier With Our Flexible Furlough Calculator

Flexible Furlough Scheme 

Open from 1 July 2020, the Flexible Furlough Scheme now allows employers to bring staff back on a part-time basis, aligning staffing levels with their business needs on a week-by-week basis whilst still getting that crucial government support.


Flexible Furlough Calculator

Managing the furlough arrangements for staff through the Flexible Furlough Scheme presents both administrative and financial challenges. Your business will need strict record keeping matched against often complicated calculations to ensure the accuracy of your HMRC claims.

Don't worry as help is at hand! Our payroll experts here at HR:4UK have created the Flexible Furlough Calculator to easily calculate your Furlough claims. Your business can then simply submit their claim through the HMRC portal, confident that these have been calculated in line with HMRC requirements for faster reimbursement.

Our Flexible Furlough Calculator comes pre-loaded with tested formulas and clear step-by-step instructions to help easily calculate your claims. The Calculator covers the period  from 1 July 2020 until 31 October 2020 when the Furlough Scheme finally closes. Catering for both Fixed Hours and Variable Hours employees, the Calculator can be tailored to your specific needs with adjustments made for the number of employees on your payroll and an option for you to top up your furloughed employee's pay to 100%, say if they are taking annual leave whilst on furlough leave.


How to Meet Your HMRC Auditing Requirements

The Flexible Furlough Calculator provides you with a multitude of uses as it can also serve as part of your audit trail for the HMRC, who require all furlough payroll records to be kept for a minimum 5 year period.


Flexible Furlough Calculator vs. HMRC CJRS Calculator

How does our Flexible Furlough Calculator differ to HMRC's online CJRS calculator

The biggest difference is that the HMRC CJRS calculator only provides you with the calculations for 1 single employee at a time. So, for the majority of businesses they will have more than 1 employee on the Furlough Scheme. For them to use the HMRC CJRS calculator will be a labour intensive and time consuming job, as they will need to re-enter all the dates for each separate employee, as well as making sure they print off the payment calculations for each separate employee each time for their records.

Simplifying the whole process for you, HR:4UK's Flexible Furlough Calculator will be tailored to suit your business needs.

  • Each sheet can be adjusted to accurately reflect the number of furloughed employees for each payment period. You can then calculate the furlough claim for all employees together in one simple spreadsheet.
  • At a glance you can see exactly how much your furlough claim for each employee will be and how many hours your staff worked to calculate their wages.
  • The Calculator serves a dual purpose, as the completed sheets will act as your financial records for HMRC auditing purposes. This is because from the one easy to understand spreadsheet, it clearly shows the full range of financial information from hours usually worked, hours actually worked, furlough hours claimed, maximum furlough pay, NI and Pension contributions and holiday pay.
  • The Calculator comes preloaded with the correct formulas for each payment period, so you don't have to worry about monthly changes in employer contributions and furlough fund limits.
  • To support you further, our easy to understand guide provides you with simple step-by-step instructions and worked examples.
  • Every Flexible Furlough Calculator comes with free advice from our Payroll Team. If you feel you might still be confused? Don't worry, as our Payroll Team are here to support and guide you. Simply call us and we can help you. It is always better to chat to a real person and get the help you need immediately, rather than having to use the HMRC's online chat.

With our Calculator there is no need to struggle with the complicated Flexible Furlough calcuations and risk getting your HMRC claim wrong. Our Flexible Furlough Calculator takes all the hardwork away saving you valuable time so you can concentrate on running your business. See below for our full range of packages.


Flexible Furlough Packages Available

Not sure what you need for your business? We have a range of Flexible Furlough Packages to support your business needs and maximise your use of the funds available through the furlough scheme.


Flexible Furlough Basic Package £75 + VAT

  • Flexible Furlough Calculator


Flexible Furlough Starter Package £99 + VAT

  • Flexible Furlough Calculator
  • Flexible Furlough Agreement Form
  • Flexible Furlough Template Letter

Our starter package ensures that you are supplied with all the required legally compliant HR documentation for HMRC auditing purposes. This starter packages will ensure that your business can safely use the Flexible Furlough Scheme with confidence. If you would prefer to have additional support from our HR professionals to address changes in your staffing requirements or handling staff reluctant to return to work, then please see our comprehensive package below.


Flexible Furlough Comprehensive Package £150 + VAT

  • Flexible Furlough Calculator
  • Flexible Furlough Agreement Form
  • Flexible Furlough Template Letter
  • HR & Employment Advice Line

Access to our professional HR & Employment advice line will be an invaluable tool over the remaining months of the Furlough Scheme covering the period from 1 July 2020 - 31 October 2020. This is a very challenging time for UK businesses who have had to adapt to the changing demands for their business and for many this has resulted in downsizing and reorganising their workforce to suit their new needs. However difficult these situations are, it is very important that you comply with HR and employment law to avoid putting your business unnecessarily at risk. This is where our expertise will be an invaluable support to help guide you safely through any changes.


So, if you would prefer to have peace of mind for calculating your claims, then please contact our Payroll Service today. Looking to outsource your payroll, then ask us about our 5-star rated Payroll Service and start saving your business time and money! 


Flexible Furlough Agreement Form


All employers are required to have written furlough agreements with their furloughed employees which need to be kept for a minimum of 5 years for HMRC auditing purposes. Records for claims made also need to include actual hours worked and usual hours worked.


HR:4UK clients can access our new Flexible Furlough Agreement Form through eConnect, their online employee management system. This new legally compliant Flexible Furlough Agreement Form has been designed to accommodate the new flexible working arrangements for staff through just one form. We strongly advise clients to access the Flexible Furlough Agreement Form through their eConnect system, as not only will this provide a legal audit trail, but it will also be recorded in the employee's history.


With the Furlough Scheme finally drawing to a close on 31 October 2020, we recommend that employers try to decide what their work demands will look like at this future point in time and what options they should consider for their business survival.

For more detailed information about the Flexible Furlough Scheme and an overview of the key changes and dates please visit our webpage here


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