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HR Consultancy - why you need external help


When you’re experiencing a workplace dispute it is often hard to see the wood for the trees.

Should you go down the disciplinary route or could the issue be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction with mediation or just an open and honest chat?

As an employer right in the thick of it, you need an impartial, external view from an HR consultant with in-depth knowledge of policies and procedures and the different options open to you.

At HR:4UK we have many years’ experience in assisting businesses of all sizes with their conflict issues. Always proactive as well as reactive, we also regularly provide on-site training to employers. That way businesses are more aware of potential pitfalls and are better able to cope with any problems if they arise.

Forewarned is forearmed so it’s essential that you know your HR related policies inside out, explained our HR consultant Julie.

 “During our Bullying and Harassment training when required we can undertake role play and quizzes to test people’s level of knowledge. We come up with various scenarios and ask employers if they feel it is discrimination and if so why.”

And, as well as knowing your policies, you must also know your people well so you can anticipate their reaction.

Julie added: “We’re dealing with more complaints about bullying and harassment at work – mainly because people are less likely to put up with it “

“What one person might see as ‘banter’ another might find offensive, so a timid member of your staff might be upset by a remark while someone else might not object. Remember the important factor is how the person who is offended by the remark feels.” Be very careful of the term ‘banter’.

In some cases, disciplinary action and dismissal are the only course of action, but sometimes disputes arise purely because of a personality clash.

Julie added: “There are occasions when lengthy investigations can be avoided. Sometimes it’s worth seeing if the matter can be resolved by sitting down and having a chat as a first option.  All that might be required is a shake of hands.  Or, if everyone agrees to it, you could try mediation, giving each person the chance to put their side across without interruption.”

Understanding a company’s culture is also key, explained Julie’s colleague Angie.

She said: “Some workplaces are quite relaxed while others have stricter rules. Managers tend to know a little about HR but not everything. When they change companies, they don’t always recognise that the approach taken at their old company might not be the same at their new one.    Also, the law might have changed since they last had any dealings with disciplinary matters.”

Whatever your HR issue, our consultants bring an impartial, independent viewpoint, enabling you to see your options more clearly and feel more confident in dealing with employee issues.

 For more information on how our HR consultancy services can help you, email us at or call us today on 01455 444222 or click here