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Simplifying your employee management with eConnect


Managing staff records and ensuring all your HR documentation complies with latest employment law changes can take a big chunk out of your day.

But there are ways of simplifying the whole process thanks to eConnect - HR:4UK’s online Employee Management System.

Proven to reduce HR administration by as much as 80%, eConnect allows you as a business owner to focus on other areas of the business.

eConnect is the latest version of HR:4UK’s acclaimed HR software – the first and most unique HR software in the UK. It offers numerous benefits to both employers and their management team and is perhaps the only genuinely proactive and complete solution around. 

It provides a simple means of creating tailored employment contracts within minutes – and seamlessly updates policies, rules and procedures guaranteeing that your business is always legally compliant.

It provides a secure and central location to create, edit, manage and store employee records, creating an audit trail of compliance and best practice.  Other key features include an online absence management and self-service holiday planner.

When a new employee joins your business or organisation, all you have to do as an HR:4UK client is enter their details onto the eConnect system.

This creates an employee file which will digitally hold all employment-related information about that staff member, such as contact address, their contract details and reference requests etc.

As well as being a highly cost-effective and a safe way of keeping employee records, eConnect has several other valuable features which will lighten your administrative load.

eConnect has a library of various letters covering every aspect of HR. This invaluable facility will give you everything you need to keep you legally compliant when writing to an employee about any HR matters.

eConnect automatically files the finished letter against an employee’s record to maintain a history of communication.

You can uplift other key information to their record such as CV, driving licence, DBS checks, work permit, training records, or reference requests.

Employees can access via the online employment handbook to update their personal information, download company forms as well as apply for holidays or other types of absence. 

Most convenient of all, eConnect can be just as easily viewed on a mobile phone or tablet as it can on a desktop pc. This means staff can, for example, see how much holiday they have left and check their employer’s policies, while they are out of the office.

Employees who are less comfortable with technology also find the system simple and logical to navigate, and for those of us who still prefer, there is the option to print off information in a hard copy.

Straightforward, time-saving, consistently compliant and cost-effective, eConnect provides a one-stop shop for all your HR policies procedures and paperwork.

To discover more about how eConnect can help you and your team, call us today on 01455 444222 or email or click here