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MP Resigns due to Chronic Migraine: Is Your Workplace Doing Enough to Help Sufferers?

MP Dehenna Davison resigned recently, citing chronic migraines as the chief cause of her inability to continue in her role. This article examines the role that migraines play in the workplace, and what businesses can do to help those with the condition. Read more

National Minimum Wage Breaches: Ten Top Tips for Employers

Ten top tips for employers looking to navigate the difficulties of National Minimum Wage law. Read more

Difficult Employee Series: The Negative Attitude

Next in our difficult employee series is The Negative Attitude: a guide for employers on how to deal with that person who always seems to drag everyone else down. Read more

Contentious Resignations: Ten Top Tips for Employers

Following on from our newsletter about contentious resignations, this time we have 10 top tips for dealing with an employee who resigns on the spot! Read more